Why “Pejepscot Station?”

What is the significance of the name “Pejepscot Station” you ask?

OK, well maybe you didn’t ask, but here’s the lowdown on our name nonetheless.  Ren, our banjo player, grew up and still lives in what remains of the town of Pejepscot, Maine just up the street from the site of the old Pejepscot railroad station seen in the photo below taken around 1908. (Click on the picture to enlarge it)

If you look closely above the top left-hand corner of the station’s roof you can see the gable-end of Ren’s house.  That is the house where the group often practices on Sunday afternoons.  The yard of that house is the site for our annual gig at the Famous Pejepscot Lobster Bake on July 4th each year.  The village of Pejepscot has all but disappeared and there is absolutely no trace of the original Pejepscot train station any more, but the station lives on in our group’s name.